What’s in a Name?

Marian Youth Camp is the Archdiocesan Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes’ very own youth sponsored and innovative summer camp for its DBYC and parish youth. It is done annually, preferably during the month of May, being the month dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Marian Youth Camp is a brainchild of Fr. Joriz Calsa, SDB who became the ASOLL’s Youth Director from 2005 – 2008. It is meant to give leadership formation to youth of the parish specifically to the nine areas of the parish and to the leaders of the youth groups in the DBYC. However, the program is also open to youth leaders of other Don Bosco houses especially their Youth Center leaders. Furthermore, it also extends its hand to youth leaders in the neighboring parishes, so much they also have to abide in the screening of participants approved by their respective youth directors.

  The name Marian Youth Camp can be analyzed in two ways:

1. MARIAN YOUTH CAMP. It is a camp for Marian Youth – this describes the kind of youth who shall join in this camp. This means that those who will join the camp have received an initial knowledge and understanding of who Mary is. Complementing it, is the participants’ initial devotion to the Blessed Mother. It follows then:

a) that those who will join this camp must have been familiar in Marian devotion of the Church and have been devotees of Mary.
b) that participants have previous understanding of Church’s teachings on the Mother of God and that this camp would enrich his/her knowledge and deepen his/her love and devotion to the Mother of God.

2. MARIAN YOUTH CAMP. It is a youth camp which is truly Marian in approach - this describes the kind of program which is developed in this camp. This is not just any other youth camp. It is a youth leadership program which is permeated with anything Marian: from its activities, to prayers and talks, to the main leadership modules.
Inasmuch as the parish is a Marian parish, it is proper then that youth leaders be imbued with virtues of Mary and the values which Mary lived during her lifetime on earth. It is imperative that as youth grow into leaders among their peers, they should have a grounded knowledge of what the Church teaches about Mary (catechetical), inspired by Holy Scriptures (Biblical) and an applied attitude and devotion to the Blessed Mother (personal devotion).

Thus, it is hoped that youth leaders who have the opportunity to join in this camp can truly grow into good ‘Marian’ Christians and honest ‘Marian’ citizens.